by Michael Burkhardt

An update on Electrocam Development

Electrocam app icon


Hello everyone! Last January, we unveiled Electrocam, an app that was supposed to be a third party camera for the iPhone and iPad. Matter of fact, the first Electrocam beta released about one year ago today. And while we got a lot of support, we just haven’t done much with the project. So, we’re officially postponing it indefinitely (which is professional language for cancelled).


There are a few reasons that we’re cancelling it, the first reason being that we didn’t have much motivation as a team to work on it. The camera app market is already quite saturated, and we didn’t have much of a niche we felt we could fill successfully.

On top of that, creating a camera app proved to be very difficult, especially with how good the stock iOS camera app is. There just isn’t a large market of users willing to use a third party one, even if its really good. Especially with things like ProRAW, along with the overall simplicity of the stock camera app - making a third party alternative wasn’t very viable.

In addition to all of that, our goal at Peroxaan is to be as inclusive as possible with our projects, and building a camera app for Android just isn’t an easy task, at all. With the large variety in devices and the lack of a unified camera API, Electrocam just wouldn’t provide a good experience on anything besides the Pixel lineup. Other apps like Snapchat and Instagram are a good example of this.

The Future

We’re gonna continue to build amazing projects, and although Electrocam is going away, there’s still going to be a lot to look forward to from us. Trust me 😉

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