by Michael Burkhardt

Talon v1.3 for iOS is now available

Talon app icon

Talon v1.3 is now available for iPhone and iPad! This update brings new features and improvements for everyone.

All of the changes

  • Introducing our brand new link shortener, We developed it in house, for our loyal Talon Pro users to enjoy. Give it a go!
  • We’ve added support for a new service, IFTTT! With IFTTT, you can execute prebuilt actions for basically anything on the web, from something as basic as sending a tweet, or something more intricate, like sending an email.
  • Re-introducing custom App Icons! They were removed in a previous update, but they’re now back - with some new icons from the community.
  • We updated the keyboard layout to use the typical one you’d see across iOS, rather than the weird one optimized for entering emails.
  • Optimized for iOS 15 & macOS Monterey

Final Words

First things first, shoutout to Landon, our Backend Developer, for working on building the service.

Besides that though, we hope you all enjoy IFTT integration on Talon, as well as the new app icons and smaller fixes! If you bought Talon Pro, we hope you come to love our new link shortener that we developed. If you haven’t yet tried Talon Pro - it’s $1.99 USD.

Talon v1.3 for other platforms, including macOS, Android, and Windows - will come at a later date.