by Michael Burkhardt

Streamlining Peroxaan development ahead of WWDC22

Peroxaan logo

The News

Today, we’ll be focusing on cutting down on projects - which will allow us to focus on projects that are more important to us, such as Talon, Ruby, and Aerosketch.

The Reasoning

When Peroxaan started to gain traction in late 2019/early 2020, I prematurely announced a lot of app ideas I had, while not being ready to build them. Projects such as Xenoshare & Azurite. Since then, I’ve sorta lost interest in building those projects.

What’s Happening?

Effective today, Xenoshare & Azurite are permanently cancelled, and Clicker will be on hold until a later date. This may come as disappointing news, but it had to be done in my opinion.

The Future

We’re very excited for Apple’s upcoming announcements at WWDC22, and how they can be applied to our ongoing projects. Expect more announcements to come from us following the keynote.

Wrap Up

We’ve updated our website to reflect these changes, and we’ve also released a new Peroxaan Stickers update with these changes. On top of that, we’ve also updated all of the Press Kits on our downloads page. Also, Xenoshare Stickers is no longer available for sale on the App Store.

We look forward to our future, and we hope you can understand these changes and why we made them. Thanks for the support! ❤️