by Michael Burkhardt

Peroxaan announces discontinuation of Android apps

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The News

After 2.5 years, we’ve decided to bring our Android app development to a halt. Android versions of future apps will not be worked on, and no more updates will be released.

Talon will remain on the Google Play Store as long as it works, and Ruby will be taken down - as it feels wrong to charge money for an app that will no longer be maintained. Also, Google had been giving us issues since it’s a news app, and they have very specific policies regarding that.

The future

Moving forward, we’ll be focusing more on the development of our iOS and macOS apps - as well as continuing to maintain Talon for Windows. We’re also working on launching Talon on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and 11, to expand the reach of Talon on Windows. We also intend on having more developers work on building our iOS/macOS apps, so we can ship more features faster.

Wrap up

We know it may be unfortunate for the people who liked using our Android apps, but this is an necessary step to move forward. We hope you continue to support us. On a more positive note, we plan to launch a refreshed website pretty soon, so theres that to look forward to! Thanks for your understanding!