by Michael Burkhardt

Introducing Talon for Windows, available for download today

Talon app icon


After half a year since it was first teased, Talon for Windows is finally available! Talon for Windows requires Windows 7 or newer - and does indeed work well on the unreleased (at the time of writing) Windows 11. You can download it here.


Talon for Windows matches the design scheme of Windows quite well in our opinion, and we think it’ll fit right in with everything else. Iris did great work here. Check out the official unveil video:

Talon for Windows is now available! It supports Windows 7 and up, including the unreleased Windows 11 😏@thelball’s work from the past few months is now available - and we can’t wait for you to try it. — Peroxaan Studios (@Peroxaan) June 24, 2021


Talon for Windows includes all of the features from Talon for iOS and Android - including Discord/Slack Webhooks, Custom Webhooks, and Link Shortening - for free. No Talon Pro required. Talon for Windows will also receieve updates over time as we work on new features for all platforms, including iOS, macOS, Android, and now Windows.

Final Thoughts

Talon for Windows brings the wonderful Talon experience to Windows - and we hope you love it. Feel free to join our Discord to report any bugs or give feedback on Talon for Windows. In case you missed it earlier, you can download Talon for Windows here.

Massive shoutout to Iris for her hard work on this - please go give her a follow if you have not already! Additionally, for all updates on Talon for Windows - make sure you follow us on Twitter too.